BST(HONGKONG) INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED specialized in R&D, producing and selling Switching Power Supply, Adapter, DC DC Converter, LED Driver and related spare parts,such as PCBA/PCB, transformer, inductor etc, and create our own brand BST. Our factory was found in 2007 located in Tianchang City, the east of Anhui province and the workshop covers an area of 8,000 square meters. In order to expand the business and facilitate transportation, we established a branch factory in Shenzhen Guangdong Province. We share big domestic and international markets with an annual production capacity of more than 5 million units.

Providing customer with perfect solutions on power supply is our goal. All of our products have passed 100% loading aging test. Adopt advanced and stable circuit design and select high-quality electronic components to ensure product stability. Our products are widely used in communications, LED displays, monitoring equipment, electronic circuits, railway signal equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation, automatic and control equipment, etc.

We have high quality products, competitive price and fast delivery services. OEM and ODM services are also available. You are very welcomed to contact us, become business partners with BST, and enjoy our good services. Let’s join our hands and make the future brighter!


Company Culture


Being an innovative company, we consistently explore new idea and methods, pursue advanced technology and more reliable quality management system, continuously improve product, process, technology and management.

सहयोग आधारित र चासो र BST इलेक्ट्रनिक को लक्ष्य द्वारा संचालित छ, हामी प्रभावकारी संचार र सहयोग वितरक र आपूर्तिकर्ता हाम्रो कर्मचारी बीच मार्फत उत्कृष्ट गुणस्तर, शक्ति आपूर्ति उत्पादन।

प्रत्येक BST इलेक्ट्रनिक सदस्य हाम्रो कम्पनी राम्रो बनाउन जिम्मेवारी छ। लगातार हाम्रो क्षमता सुधार, हामी प्राथमिकता रूपमा ग्राहक सन्तुष्टि लिन, यो प्रविधि र शक्ति आपूर्ति उद्योग विकास गर्न योगदान।

, कार्यान्वयन को अर्थमा बढाने प्रभावकारी र कुशलतापूर्वक को रणनीतिक योजना लागू गर्न स्पष्ट लक्ष्य, भइरहेको जानकारी र सकारात्मक मनोवृत्ति परिभाषित।

हामी कम्पनी र कर्मचारी बीच आपसी पहिचान मार्फत सह-विकास हासिल गर्न र सार्वजनिक बाट भरोसा जित्न प्रयास गर्छन्।

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