Power Supply Packages


Power-supply packages will influence the performance, cost, and size of the power supply used in the power-management subsystem. Therefore, the selection process for purchasing a power supply should take the package style into account. Package styles can range from the open-frame type without an enclosure to the completely enclosed type, like the standard brick.

The quest for multiple source dc-dc converter modules has led to a family of standard “brick” sizes. There are now “16th-brick” and “eighth-brick” sizes to go along with the full-bricks, half-bricks, and quarter-bricks. And, power densities have gone beyond 50W/in.3 Many of these modules are interchangeable with those of many manufacturers, which ensures multiple sources. In addition, pinouts of the brick converters are now a de facto standard, allowing interchangeability between different manufacturers’ products. Currently, distributed power architecture (DPA) system bricks can dissipate hundreds of watts. Table 4-1 lists the size for each of the brick sizes. Generally, the larger the size, the higher the maximum power output.

Post time: Apr-23-2018
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